Thursday, May 25

Podcast from Italy: The Barnum & Bailey Circus of Food Videos Filling Our Facebook Feed

On a gorgeous Spring day, we fired up the mics under the big cherry tree in the front yard and while gazing over at the garden, we recorded the latest episode of our "Podcast from Italy!"  A discussion on our Facebook feed being filled with the wild world of ridiculous food from Food Network, Eater and others...what's going on?! Speaking of what's going on - we introduced Dr. Gaggi and his wife to eating fresh peas for the first time in their lives at damn near 70 years old! We update you on the garden, drama with the pool and what it's like having family visit!! Plus I read a few more excerpts from the book - The Wood Bandits and Learning to Live & Cook Slow

Thanks for listening! Podcast from Italy #102 - Dowload/Stream on iTunesStitcher or Podbean

We also went LIVE! on Facebook from the garden - in case you missed it, take a look at the start of our garden:

Taking a break from the garden and admiring their hard day's work...

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