Tuesday, May 30

Featured in Italia! Magazine: The Good Life

It may be off the beaten path, but it sure is the good life... they got it right! When our friends at Italia! Magazine heard we're celebrating our 10th Anniversary they wanted to be part of it!! (They were the first international magazine to feature a story about us in 2008 and quickly after they invited me to write a monthly column, which I did for five years!). Italia! interviewed us on what it's been like the last 10 years, how things have changed, our biggest piece of advice and what we've learned through this crazy journey!

 Here's a short bit of the interview - you can read the full article in the June 2017 Italia! Magazine

Friday, May 26

Learn to Pickle, Preserve & Confit - Workshop in Italy

Learn to preserve the fruits of your labor from the garden all year long! We are constantly asked how we jar our tomatoes (over 300 kilos/year) and other pickled preserves - hence this workshop was born as a fun way to share what we've learned from the locals using produce from our farm. Plus you will learn one of the oldest ways to preserve, confit - a method to preserve duck, rabbit, goose & even lemon, etc. The best part - take home what you've made!!

After years of inquisitive guests, cooking class students and random emails on how we jar and preserve hundred of kilos of tomatoes a year - we finally created a workshop to teach you the old ways! (In all honesty a guest was helping us jar one year & suggested it- Brilliant Jamie!!)

Two-day workshop covering: Pasturized vs. Pickled - learn the differences, techniques and hazards as well. Confit of Rabbit, Confit of Lemons, Tomato Passata, Jarred Tomatoes in Pieces, Quick Pickled Veggies, Pickled Green beans... a bit depends on Mother Nature & what's coming out of the garden!

Includes: 3 Nights Accommodations, Workshop, Welcome Dinner, Breakfast Daily and Lunch during course, hand-made apron.

WORKSHOP:​ Preserve, Pickle & Confit
AUGUST 24 - 27, 2017
650 Euro/person

Thursday, May 25

Podcast from Italy: The Barnum & Bailey Circus of Food Videos Filling Our Facebook Feed

On a gorgeous Spring day, we fired up the mics under the big cherry tree in the front yard and while gazing over at the garden, we recorded the latest episode of our "Podcast from Italy!"  A discussion on our Facebook feed being filled with the wild world of ridiculous food from Food Network, Eater and others...what's going on?! Speaking of what's going on - we introduced Dr. Gaggi and his wife to eating fresh peas for the first time in their lives at damn near 70 years old! We update you on the garden, drama with the pool and what it's like having family visit!! Plus I read a few more excerpts from the book - The Wood Bandits and Learning to Live & Cook Slow

Thanks for listening! Podcast from Italy #102 - Dowload/Stream on iTunesStitcher or Podbean

We also went LIVE! on Facebook from the garden - in case you missed it, take a look at the start of our garden:

Taking a break from the garden and admiring their hard day's work...

Thursday, May 11

The Perfect Pea Crostini Recipe

This is one of my all time favorite Spring dishes - pea crostini. It sounds so simple (and it is!) but the bright flavor and color of the young peas & crunchy toasted bread make me long for Spring all year round! It's a good thing that peas are found at every market, fruttovendolo and shop right now for next to nothing because I can't get enough! When the peas (or fave/broad beans) are in season there is no need to cook them down or cover them in heavy sauces - keep it simple like they do in the Italian countryside with just olive oil, a little garlic, salt & pepper ... that's it!



Serves 4

2 cups of fresh peas
couple glugs of olive oil
garlic clove, skinned, whole
squeeze of lemon
shaved parmesan
salt & pepper
baguette or crusty bread, sliced & toasted

Throw the peas in a pan & cover with water & a little salt. Bring to a boil & lower to a simmer. Cook a couple of minutes until the peas are tender. Drain.

Return the pan to the heat. Pour in a couple glugs of olive oil and the garlic clove. Heat the garlic & oil slightly.

Toss the peas into the pan & sautee for a minute or two. Then remove the clove of garlic. Begin mashing with the back of a wooden spoon or fork until you smash it up a bit. If the pan requires a few drops of water, that's ok to add a bit of water if needed.

Remove the pan from heat & season with salt & pepper add a squeeze of lemon and any herbs you like: mint, parsley, chive

Toast slices of good bread and top with a generous spoonful of peas. You can drizzle a little really good quality extra virgin olive oil as well if you like & finally a shave of parmesan on top!

Monday, May 8

Podcast from Italy: A Road Trip to Puglia

Well it's only taken us 8 years of recording podcasts (at times very sporadically) to finally break 100 episodes! We started recording the "Podcast from Italy" from our kitchen table as a way to candidly share with you what life is really like at our farm, inn and cooking school as American expats in a foreign land. We figured why not give it a shot? Even if we sound ridiculous, who would really listen anyway... Well we can't thank you enough for finding us and listening to our silly stories (with bad Italian & little to no real facts). As the years went one the podcast expanded to travels beyond, interviews, tales of moving abroad, roadblocks we've encountered, always a Dr. Gaggi update and most recently reading excerpts from what I just call - the book (my unfinished, unpublished, untitled book about our first year in Italy). If I do the math correct, we started the podcast in 2008 so we should hit 200 episodes sometime in 2025!

This week's episode a Road Trip to Puglia: Our season is underway with yoga retreats, cooking classes & bottling wine! An update on the coop - it's a full house with our new chickadees (instagram video below)! During a break in guests we packed our bag & snuck away South to Puglia and tell you all about our adventure in buying caciocavallo cheese!

PODCAST FROM ITALY: A Trip to Puglia Dowload/Stream on iTunesStitcher or Podbean

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Monday, May 1

VLOG from ITALY: 008 Back in the Kitchen, Cooking Classes & Bottling Wine

Our season has officially begun at our farm, inn and cooking school in Italy! Busy with cooking classes, dinners, a yoga retreat & our annual tradition of bottling local wine with our guests! Lots of photos below of the last week - 

In case you missed it - here's last week's episode: ROME & BOLOGNA

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A few photos from April at our farmhouse, inn & cooking school - from yoga by the pool, cooking classes and bottling local wine - we've been busy!

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