Sunday, February 26

A Candid Interview on What it's REALLY like to Own a B&B in ITALY

Our friends at Dream of Italy Newsletter recently interviewed us about our April 1-5, 2017 Consulting workshop on Moving to Italy (we've got 1 spot open!!) We tried to answer honestly and candid about that's happened in the last year - from the crazy sale/non-sale/they fled in the middle of the night (that seriously happened!) to the lessons/mistakes we've made and learned from in the past 10 years and what it's like owning and operating a business as a couple.  Plus we look inward and share what inspired us to start this workshop:

DOI: I listened to your podcast about trying to sell your B&B. What were the lessons from that attempted sale? Is that how this course on running a B&B in Italy was born?

AB: Looking back and trying to analyse the situation we can see that we we put on blinders to red-flags since were so excited at the opportunity to sell our business and watch it succeed in anew set of hands. We were also naive and didn’t protect ourselves financially. It was an expensive lesson, but a one we will learned from greatly.
We began to look at the situation from the other side of the table and that’s how the workshop was born! We realized most people are ‘dream drunk’ which can be a wonderful thing but also dangerous if you are ill prepared and don’t really understand what it takes to move and start a new business. Saying you are ready to do this is very different than being mentally, physically (and at times financially) prepared. We wanted to share with others this opportunity to learn from us and our panel, ask all their burning questions and get honest answers. It will be a good dose of reality.

Read the full interview here: So You Want to Own and Run A Bed & Breakfast in Italy?

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