Saturday, December 10

A Gift of Homemade Limoncello for the Holidays

If you are a Christmas gift procrastinator - you still have time to pull off this homemade crowd pleaser for the holidays!! (The recipe is below and only takes about 10-15 days from start to finish.)

Since this year our motto was 'If life gives you lemons, make the best damn limoncello' it was a no-brainer what we'd be sending out this holiday season.

I love giving homemade gifts for the holidays, not only because it can be a thoughtful but money saving way to give when your Christmas list is long, but I love doing these kind of fun-cheesy projects! For years, even when we lived in Brooklyn we would make homemade gifts (always edible) from tins of carmel popcorn to black & white cookies to chocolate covered pretzels and bottles of olive oil...the list goes on and on. I can't think of anything better during the holiday's than sitting around the fire and writing out the cards with fancy shimmery pens, Bing Crosby crooning in the background and the smell of buttery deliciousness baking away! 

The hardest part isn't the execution of the idea/baking for days (I've got Jason and we make a good team), but sourcing the packaging. (Take into consideration if you will be shipping them or hand-delivery.)  

Here's the "Recipe" for Bottling, Labeling & Making Homemade Limoncello:
The Bottle: Size, glass color, flip top or cork?
1. Collect a mix of bottles from ebay, yard sales and even thrift shops.
2. Order from Amazon or Ebay an entire 'lot' or look for 'wholesale'
3. Or find a site like for a huge selection to find just what you're looking for.

Labels, tags or stamps...(now this is the hard part): Homemade or a bit more professional?
1. Make your own with glittery pens and tags (I've done it for years).
2. Print your own using mailing labels (way cheaper than you'd expect).
3. Order fancy ones (I finally did it this year). My favorite online label maker (great selection of font, color & design choices) is Evermine/ or Etsy of course!

The Recipe: Classic Limoncello
Rinds of 6-7 lemons (no whites) - find organic, wax-free lemons
1/2 liter of pure alcohol (everclear or vodka will work too)
1 liter of water
500 gr. sugar

1. Let the lemon rinds soak in alcohol for 10-14 days. Then filter the lemon rinds with a strainer. 
2. Make a simple syrup with the sugar & water (warming the water on the stove & incorporating all the sugar). 
3. Once cool, combine the simple syrup with the alcohol & mix.
4. Bottle & freeze. Serve cold!
Happy Holidays!!

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  1. Hi Ashley & Jason! We're excited to see you again in June and are getting all of our people excited too. I decided to make limoncello this holiday for gifts. It is "marinating" as we speak and should be ready exactly on Christmas. So it will be more like a New Years gift - but oh well. Thanks for the recipe!


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