Wednesday, September 21

Podcast from Italy - Amazon in Italy, How we “Grease the Wheels” and Cooking Rabbit

Autumn is at our doorstep on this beautiful morning! This episode we chat about the modernization in Italy and the arrival of and the effects. An immigration update which leads us to a discussion on how we 'grease the wheels' out here... (And a side note of: Jason is in love with his new Carhart overalls!) Then we move on to the kitchen at talk about cooking rabbit. We announce our first Consulting Workshop in Italy for those of your dreaming of moving here to start a business!  -- Thanks for Listening!!

Podcast from Italy - Episode #91 Available on iTunes, Stitcher & Podbean!

He's all business!

Sunday, September 11

Summer in 60 Seconds

A few of the highlights of summer at our farmhouse and beautiful Candigliano Valley - between Piobbico & Urbania. It was an unexpected start to the season but we sure are happy to be right here and thankful for all our wonderful guests!!

Thursday, September 8

Podcast from Italy: Is Stuffed Zucchini & Carbonara what you really want?!

Thankfully we are safe & sound without any damages in our area after the devastating earthquake. We recap the last few months and how the Dutch saved our Summer! The fun vs. frustrations of kids at the farmhouse and menu planning involved for families. And Jason asks if 'Stuffed Zucchini & Carbonara what you really want?!' Announcing the 2017 NEW cooking classes! 
Thanks for listening & have a great day!

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