Wednesday, July 20

Podcast from Italy: Dirty Laundry, The Full Story of How They Fled the Country!

You asked for the whole story - so hear you go! In this very personal podcast, Jason & I share the unbelievable true story of selling our cooking in Italy. Two days after all the documents and contracts were signed at the notary (and legally binding), the “new owners” of La Tavola Marche fled the country on a plane back to the good ol’ U.S of A.!! They lasted 6 days in Italy. We were in total shock - not only did they leave without telling us but without paying either! It’s the stuff movies are made of.

We are back to share with you the trials, tribulations and joys & laughter of running a farm, inn and cooking school in rural Le Marche. To read more about this crazy story visit our blog: When life gives you lemons...Make the BEST damn Limoncello!

Listen on Podbean or download on iTunes: PODCAST FROM ITALY

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