Sunday, June 12

The BEST Gelato in Italy: Maki

Congratulations to our friends Paola & Antonio at Gelateria Maki - they have won another big artisan gelato competition in Italy, Gelato Artigianale Festival di Agugliano! Featured in almost every top international travel, food and even fashion (Vogue Italia!) magazines - this is not just any icecream!


 Gelateria Artiginale Maki is a darling gelato shop in the heart of Fano (a quaint fisherman's village along the Adriatic) where it's owners passionately and at times painstakingly churn out handmade gelato in the most innovative and delicious flavors! This is not a fussy fancy place where they try to outdo themselves with strange concoctions just to be different or hip but a family run business that enjoys challenging themselves and using local traditional recipes like ricotta and viscole (a local cherry) alongside exotic flavors of cardamon and curry. And amazingly it all works - even their beer sorbet!

It's light & clean - meaning you don't need a glass of water after - it's made the way gelato should be, absolutely perfect!

Gelateria Artigianale Mak√¨ 

Piazza degli Avveduti, 1
(Le Marche) ITALY

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