Wednesday, February 17

(Updated) Introducing the NEW Owners of La Tavola Marche

UPDATE: Two days after all the documents and contracts were signed at the notary (and legally binding), the “new owners” of La Tavola Marche boarded a plane back to the good ol’ U.S of A.!! (Seriously.) They lasted 6 days in Italy. We were in total shock. It’s the stuff movies are made of.  Read the UNBELIEVABLE true story here: When Life Gives You Lemons...Make the Best Damn Limoncello!

Drum roll please....we are excited to finally announce the NEW owners of La Tavola Marche (farm, inn & cooking school), Tony Cranfield & Danielle Howard.  Jason and I have no doubt that you are in good hands - from their kind hearts and big smiles to the amazing food they will share & more than just being 'hospitable' they instantly make you feel like your hanging out with old friends, lingering at the table long into the night!

2016 will be a year of exciting changes not only new owners but a NEW location in Le Marche as well!! Jason and I will be working closely with Danielle & Tony to help ensure a smooth transition from sharing recipes to painting walls and starting a new garden - we'll do it together and share the journey with you here! You will see still a few posts from me here and there thru 2016 but soon Tony will take over and you'll get a chance to read their story of moving to Le Marche and the local traditional food they will cook.

Get to know the new owners...
Tony and Danielle came together with a shared love for adventure in travel and an appreciation for the people, customs and the foods that are unique to the places they visit. One of those places was Le Marche, Italy and together they have decided to become a part of the fabric of this region.

Danielle’s passion for cooking comes from her father who loved preparing food for family and friends. As a chef and a teacher, Danielle has been involved in the kitchen, catering and event planning for 15 years. Her engaging, warm hearted, happy nature allows for Danielle to connect with others and share all her experiences through food.

Tony grew up in London and moved to the US to play soccer in college.  Living two such diverse cultures at a young age, Tony found it enjoyable to welcome new experiences.  Throughout his career over the past 25 years, Tony has been able to connect with new people and places.  During these travels, he has grown a love for wines and the artisans who create them, and continues to learn about their varieties around the world.  Combined with his magnetic and easy going personality, Tony is always the perfect host with a great sense of humor!

Danielle and Tony are excited and ready to welcome everyone as they embark on their new chapter at La Tavola Marche. Send them a note to say CIAO! and welcome them to the family 


Monday, February 1

Innovative Study Abroad Program for Filmmakers & Photographers

I was asked to share a bit of information about this incredible study abroad program and couldn't help but want to go myself!

Alt Studio is pleased to announce the inaugural year of its alternative study abroad experience. Taking place this summer in Lucca, Italy, this intensive five-week study program will allow students to learn photography and film making from leaders in the field; all while using Tuscany’s culture and beautiful landscapes their muse.

Focusing on still and moving imagery, Alt Studio Tuscany features one-on-one instruction in an intimate group setting limited to just thirty students. With weekly classes, critiques, screenings and travel to nearby Tuscan destinations, students are completely immersed in Italian culture, enabling them be immersed in the rich and timeless surroundings of timeless beauty. Courses include digital video, photography, sound for video, and Italian Cinema History. Each Friday students will travel to destinations such as Siena, Florence, Bologna, The Gori Collection, and Rome where they will document their experiences as part of their coursework. Sounds incredible!!

John Murphy, the program’s creator hopes to transform the participants, "I want to share with my students an experience unlike any other: to work and create in Tuscany. Through Alt Studio, participants will be able to learn from my dear friends, who happen to be exception l professionals in their fields, while completely immersing themselves in Italian culture. Living and working in Lucca, and exploring and documenting Tuscany will be one of the best summers a creative young person could ever have. To spend time, a small part of one's life, shooting in this charmed land will change any artist forever. I know it changed me forever.”

In addition to being inspired by living and working abroad, students will have the opportunity to learn
from accomplished working-professionals in relevant fields. AltStudio’s faculty have been nominated for Academy Awards, worked on projects for The Discovery Channel, History Channel, A+E, and have had work published in New York Times, LIFE Magazine, and The London Sunday Times. 

The Details; 
The program will start on May 31, 2016 and end on July 10, 2016.

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