Saturday, October 10

Apples & Pears

 Each year during our apple harvest I post a handful of apple recipes - this year simply enjoy the photos from an afternoon of picking our trees... I love autumn!

Tuesday, October 6

Apecchio's White Truffle & Local Craft Beer Festival

White truffle season has officially begun in Italy, as usual the festivities kick off at Mostra Mercato del Tartufo Bianco Internazionale in Apecchio. Apecchio (our neighboring villages) is located in the "Truffle Valley" of Le Marche, the festival marks the 'unveiling' of the white truffles and talk begins on how the season will unfold.. Unfortunately due to a hot hot summer with little rain, the white truffles were...almost nonexistent compared to years past. One vender had only 300 grams going for 3,000 Euro/kilo and even he shook his head, hanging low and said 'they are not worth it, there is barely any smell...'

 There's still hope though, the season just began!

The truffles may have been lack-luster but the beer was flowing with countless local craft beer stands from Collesi to Venere, the cantina's were fully stocked and ready to pour.

We wandered the music filled streets hypnotized by the Indian Summer air - 

Nibbling and drinking along the way - just the way I like it...we finally settled down at Cantina Wine-bledon (ran by the local Tennis Association) for a hearty plate of polenta with white truffles & sausage - Jason opted for the go-to festival classic, grilled sausage piadine. We both scored and to top it off - the polenta master himself Franchino stopped by to say Ciao! (He was born in our house!)

 Late into the night the band played on, after my last bag of roasted chestnuts was been long gone,  the warm inviting glow of the cantina drew me in for another round of locally brewed blonde.

Visit Le Marche, Italy

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