Sunday, June 14

Cherry Picking Photos, Recipes & Video

 It's that time of year - spring has seamlessly sprung into summer and our cherry trees are ripe for pickin'!!  We have 3 varieties of cherries surrounding our farmhouse - big fat cherries (no idea the name), the sweet little ones (amarasche) and viscole (wild & tart). We've got the bases covered: some for baking & jams, some for homemade liquors & others for just eating!

So what to do with all these ruby beauties?! Here are a few of our favorite cherry recipes from our farmhouse:

Cherries Macerated in Limoncello
Wild Cherry Liquor - Visciolino
Rustic Tart - Crostata with Cherry Jam

 We're not the only ones that devour the fruit - we try to pick the trees before the birds get to them - but I think it just may be the chickens that love the cherries the most! The chickens linger under the trees for the fallen fruit - here's a short instagram video of a glimpse of afternoons in our front yard:

A video posted by Life At LaTavolaMarche (@ashleybartner) on

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