Sunday, May 24

Learn to Make Sausages from Scratch in Italy

 A unique way to spend your holiday in Italy is making sausages in a 300+ year old stone farmhouse using a local recipe that's older than the house!

One of our favorite cooking classes is making sausages from scratch, it doesn't get much more hands-on than this. Starting with a whole pork shoulder (or in this case two) we break it down, grind, season, stuff, twist and eat! The simple classic recipe is a crowd pleaser: pork shoulder, salt, ground pepper, white wine (with garlic) and...that's it.

Years ago we suggested adding fennel or peperoncini to the sausages to switch it up for fun. We were quickly shot down, "Ragazzi (kids) are the sausages not the best you have ever had?! Then why change it." - When you're right, you're right. End of conversation.

And in full blown color - the final product on the grill:
Class Details:
 Sausages from Scratch
Start with a pork shoulder and knife in hand, finish with a lunch of grilled sausages and a fork! Spend the day elbow deep in meat, learn the local recipe for fresh sausages using only pork shoulder, white wine, salt & pepper. Grind, fill and twist almost 10 kilos of sausages. Includes meal, wine, apron and extra sausages to take with you! 200 Euro/person (special group rate).

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