Sunday, April 5

We've been Nominated for a SAVEUR Magazine 2015 Blog Award!

We have been nominated for SAVEUR Magazine's 6th Annual Blog Awards. From a record-breaking pool of nearly 50,000 entries, this year's selection is better than ever and some how we made the list! When I got the email I thought it was by mistake...I still do. In fact, the email was addressed to another nominee so I was certain it was not meant for me! To all those out there that have followed our blog & nominated us, grazie mille we are so very grateful of your support. We are among such steep competition & amazing talent we are greatly humbled to be included alongside these nominees.

Please take a moment to VOTE for our blog LA TAVOLA MARCHE for the BEST CULINARY TRAVEL COVERAGE as well as your other favorite finalists in each of the 13 categories—and help us honor the best blog out there! Voting ends April 30th.

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