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Rome in a Whirlwind, Photo Guide to 6 Hours in the Eternal City

 It is entirely possible to see almost everything in under 6 hours in Rome. Ok, not everything but enough to fill your photo album and Facebook your friends!

For those of you that are art enthusiasts, church lovers, architecture buffs & Da Vinci  code-breakers this is not the grand tour for you. However there are many of you out there with only a night or two booked in Rome and your wondering if you'll have enough time or see it all....Well you won't see it all but you can get a picture of yourself in front almost every major site in a few hours. We recently jumped in the car at 7am for a day trip to Rome from our farmhouse in Le Marche with a friend in tow that had never seen the Eternal city he wanted a photo in front of all the major landmarks.

This is the exact "tour" we did in under 6 hours:

Arrive at the Spanish Steps to start the tour, even with a car it is no problem to find affordable parking centrally located.  (Parcheggio Ludovisi: Via Ludovisi 60,  2.20 Euro/hour to 18 Euro/day) Walk down the Spanish Steps, notice all the couples kissing & photos being snapped.

(Possible detour for high-end shopping & overpriced tourist trap restaurants along via dei Condotti)

Now back on track, follow the signs to Trevi Fountain:
Toss in your coin to ensure your return. (Maybe next time you'll have more time in Rome!) If you are able to plan it right, visit Trevi Fountain at dusk or late at night for whole different feel, less crowds more romantic.

Slip away from the tours & head straight for the Pantheon only a few blocks away.
Spring for the audio tour, it's only a few minutes and a few bucks - well worth the time and euro.

Once your neck is sore from gazing up at the whole in the ceiling while wondering how did they do that?! make your way across town towards Piazza Navona, this would be a perfect time for gelato. Luckily you are not far from the famed Giolitti Gelateria (via Uffici del Vicario 40) definitly worth the stop (though a bit touristy) they still make a fantatic gelato - after all that walking, splurge for a medium (3 scoops)! It's Soup Nazi style ordering there- when it's your turn, be ready to order, no fumbling about, they are busy!

Happy & thinking you could eat another, start making your way to Piazza Navona, as you make your way around the corner the lively street musicians will welcome you. Marvel at the fountains competing for photos in long rectangular Piazza Navona, packed with cafe's, tourists, artists & architecture. A perfect spot for a glass of wine to people watch if you like this crowd.

If you are looking for different scene, then weave through the streets to Camp de'Fiori for its fabulous market & hip vibe - pick up lunch from the fresh veggies or try fried fish. It's a bit hard to find, but just down the street is a phenomenal fried fish joint that we visited years ago. Fried salt cod, wrapped in paper. That's it & it's sooo good! Filettaro a Santa Barbara, at Largo dei Librari 88, is set in a little piazza just off the Campo de'Fiori square itself. Rest your feet, drink some vino and eat. OR for those more meat-centric, visit Salumeria Roscioli - for it's massive selection of cured meats, cheese & wines from across Italy - perfect for a light lunch!

Another way to find lunch, follow your nose and away from the crowds, you may get lucky:

Now back on track!

Now find via Nazionale and head straight for the massive monument for Italy's first President Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza Venezia.

From here you will see the Colosseum ahead. Make your way in its direction stopping along at the Roman forum for more photos & let the ruins blow your mind! Steer clear of the aggressive Roman soldiers in costume (if you must take a photo of them from afar use a zoom lens) otherwise they try to strong arm you into paying for their photo.  And for the grand finale - snap that slightly out of focus photo of you in front of the Colosseum!

Now jump in a cab back to your hotel or car, you must be exhausted! 
View photos of our buddy the 'wandering gnome" doing this quick 6 hour tour of Rome.
(Always recommended, market trips: Market Days in Rome)

 For a proper, personally customized tour of Rome I highly recommend contacting our friend Denise at Rome Luxury Concierge.  One night or one month, Denise and her team will help you plan the perfect Roman Holiday from a child-friendly guided tour of the Vatican to a helicopter ride over the city anything is possible!

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