Monday, April 20

Not Your Typical Monday: Refilling the Cantina

Monday morning, bright and early we were on the road before 7am, heading South East to the coast towards Morra d'Alba, a land rich with ancient vines. After 8 years we know exactly where we are headed. With empty glass demijohns bouncing around the back of our car we weave our way through the glorious Marche countryside. On a mission: refill our cantina! Buying hundreds of liters of loose or sfuso reds (Larcima & Rosso Piceno), whites (Verdicchio) and rosato (Larcima) to bottle with our guests!

A few photos from a few of the stops along the way...(My favorite part is the obligatory wine that is offered at each stop...even at 8am!)
Giusti: Lacrima sfuso, Rosato sfuso and bottles of Bolla Rossa, Lacrima Superiore & Verdicchio Superiore

Antica Cantina Sant'Amico: Verdicchio sfuso & Rosso Piceno sfuso
Here we weigh the wine!
Aging wine in cement.

 Fermenting and aging concrete vats was a very common practice for decades before the advent of stainless steel changed everything.

Read more about this old school wine making process:

  It's pretty hard to get a 'case of the Monday's' around here!

I'll post more photo of us bottling, corking & labeling with the guests this week!

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