Thursday, January 22

{Video} Two Old Italians: A Short Lesson in Salami & Sausage Making

It's that time of year again when we ignite our passion for pork by making hundreds of kilos of salami & sausages to cure in the rafters of our farmhouse during the winter! We come together with our friends and come una volta - like a long time ago, we pass the day with our elbows deep in meat, chatting about life, breaking for lunch (and more than a few cafes) ensuring that we've got a years ration of cured meats set the same time ensuring that this old way of Italian life stays alive. As I type, Jason is at our dear friend Vittorio's with the good Doctor (Gaggi) making the first round of our homemade homecured sausages so it felt like a great time to repost one of my favorite videos we've made!

Here's to the two old Italians that have taught us so much - Grazie Gaggi & Vittorio!

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