Wednesday, December 24

A Very Cappelletti Christmas - Buon Natale

Christmas is synonymous with 'cappelletti' in Le Marche. The postage stamp sized squares homemade pasta are filled with veal, pork & chicken, nutmeg, lemon zest & grated parmesan then folded into "tiny hats" or cappelletti and added to a rich broth, served on Christmas Day! 

Not only did we make kilos & kilos of cappelletti with friends but to get a little extra festive, we headed into the woods to cut down our own tree! Ok, technically it's a really big branch for juniper, and a total 'Charlie Brown' tree but a string of lights a few ornaments made during our childhood and we're ready to Jingle Bell Rock the night away!  
As local tradition dictates, we dutifully & very happily make our cappelletti like good Marchigianni (wannabees).  Christmas celebrated in Le Marche, Italy is not complete without a heart-warming bowl of cappelletti in brodo or little stuffed hats in broth. I was once told is a dish served for only those you love because it takes so much time & patience to make! 

With our stockings hung, the 'tree' trimmed, the dough made and fire ablaze we invited friends to help in the merriment: we share the work and reward.
With our hens still producing eggs, our dough is rich in color!!


A few crates of cappelletti and our juniper berry Christmas tree!
Take the time and make it from scratch, buy the freshest eggs (it will make the color of the dough nice & golden) and enjoy this homemade pasta the way it was meant to be eaten - surrounded by family. (Plus they freeze well so you can have them on-hand, at the ready all winter long!)
I've posted it in years past - but here you go: Cappelletti in Brodo Recipe

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