Saturday, June 14

Light, Floral & Lemony Elderflower Syrup, Just Add Sparkling Water, Prosecco or Gin!

Elderflowers or fiori di sambuco are in bloom in Italy! This flower from the elderberry tree makes a lovely light floral lemonade-like flavored syrup to be added to drinks (sparking water, vodka, gin or grappa), desserts or sorbets - depending on your mood. It makes an amazing vinegerette over salad as well! This can be served along breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner - perfect a for hot summer's day!
Syrup of Elderflower
Sciroppo di fiori di sambuco:

A jar stuffed full of elderflowers (nice big heads), gently shake off any insects & trim any excess branches/leaves
1 lt. of water
1 oz of lemon juice or 20 gr citric acid
1.5 kilo of sugar

Stuff a large jar with fresh picked elderflowers (pack them in!). Fill jar with water to the top.
Let sit for 24 hours.

Filter well the add the lemon juice or citric acid and sugar. Let sit in the sun for 3 days (shaking the jar every so often so the sugar doesn't solidify at the bottom)

Then pour the liquid into clean sterilized glass bottles. Close them.  Place in the refrigerator.

To serve, pour 1-3 tablespoons of the syrup into a pint glass and add water or seltzer. Or you can add a tablespoon to a couple shots of vodka or gin.
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