Thursday, April 24

Look What I Found in the Windowsill...New Guests!!

Every spring our farmhouse is a pit-stop for small migrating birds travelling North from South Africa. We live in some sort of episode of National Geographics - from the small song birds & swallows to massive cranes and falcons/hawks to our live-in coo-coo bird & screeching owls - I'm no bird watcher (and can't name any specific breeds) but have become an admirer of our winged visitors & neighbors. It's incredible to think the thousands of miles they have travelled, returning year after year (for decades) to the same eaves of our farmhouse to make their nests for the next generation.

 The other morning we found this sweet little nest - tucked away between the window & shutter. The small migrating birds have been making nests everywhere but we rarely get a chance to peak inside their handy-work. We were especially lucky to find these beauties - six tiny blue eggs (I think from a swallow)! The nest is in a safe spot and we'll be checking in daily to see when they hatch - I'll be sure to post photos. With eggs this small, I can't imagine how big the little chicks will be!!

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