Friday, April 18

A Pre Easter Party Celebrating Self-Sustainability...& the Blues!

Last weekend we were invited to our friends pig farm to celebrate the publication of Italian Chef, Ivan Fantini's new book on self-sustainability. More than just a "0 km" diet (which this chef despises the term) it's about eating what you grow/what nature gives you and not just eating but living a self-sustainable life. 

Our friends, Carlo & Gigia hosted the event with a big burger bbq - everything was from their farm & homemade keeping in mind with the book (and the lifestyle they live) -from the meat, buns and even the ketchup! And with Easter around the corner there was a basket of hard eggs and Gigia's homemade crescia di pasqua!!

We took the opportunity to shoot footage of the bbq and interview the Chef and few other characters we met along throughout the day...we'll post something soon! (We're still trying to nail down the name of our 'production company'...any suggestions?)

I had my eye on this home-made, self-serve wine contraption (made with a hose and old brass spigot) - Jason and our neighbor Louk are already designing one for pizza nights at our place!

After the burgers were eaten, the music begin to play...

Italian blues singer Joe Galullo a self-proclaimed reincarnated Native American had a twinkle to his eye that made me instantly like him. This old spirit is certainly young at heart and let me tell you, this ol'boy could play the blues! He sat down with me before his show began for a short interview on his life, his music and how it intersects with nature and food.

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