Sunday, March 23

{Podcast from Italy} 5 Foods That Taste Better IN Italy and 1 Cook's Opinion on "Culinary Charlatans"

Some things just taste better in Italy...mortadella is a perfect example!
This week's podcast is late - sorry!! We are back to work, readying the garden, turning the soil, burning the hills and preparing for guests to arrive. We brought home 12 new young hens + 1 rooster to add to our brood! Jason vents a bit and share his feelings on culinary 'charlatans' - untrained, inexperienced personalities/bloggers teaching you to cook. (This is not a rant against food-bloggers.) We'd love your feedback and thoughts on this topic.  And we share five foods/drink that hands down taste better IN Italy! 

Thanks for listening!! Podcast from Italy episode #72  available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio!

Our new hens and rooster making themselves at home in the coop
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