Saturday, March 8

A Podcast from Italy and A Podcast about Italy

This week's Podcast from Italy is short and sweet - the best part is definitely the song at the end! Morning hikes (photo above), a hen attacked by a hawk & Jason saves the day, festa delle donne and what happens when we run out of coffee...a short & sweet podcast with promises of better broadcasts to follow!  Thanks for listening!! Available on Stitcher Radio & iTunes: Podcast from Italy!

And for those of you that enjoy podcasts about Italy - check out How to Tour Italy! We were recently interviewed for the show & it ends up to be the most listened to episode of the podcast/radio show!! The Host, Anthony is wildly enthusiastic about all things Italian and interviews legit authors, travel guides, Chefs, artists, wine makers, etc.

Ashley and Jason of La Tavola Marche Talk About Their Online Cooking Classes from Italy
"Ashley and Jason Bartner of La Tavola Marche joined me on the show to talk about their live, interactive, online, cooking classes straight from Marche, Italy to your kitchen.
The menu choices are amazing and you’re taught the techniques by a Chef Jason and Ashley on how to not only cook these fabulous, regionial dishes, but cooking skills that will carry over into all of your home chef cuisine."
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