Saturday, February 22

The BEST Pork Sandwich Ever, Found at a Road-Side Food-Truck in Le Marche Italy

This post is a year plus in the making...During the fall of 2012 on a gorgeous crisp Autumn Sunday, we took the back roads through northern Le Marche with no destination in mind - just heading south through the foothills of the Apennines, meandering past Monte Cucco. Without a map in hand, we savored the winding roads and rolling hills, when all of a sudden we smelled grilled meat in the air and noticed two dozen or so motorcycles and cars parked haphazardly along the side of the road. They were flocking to a tiny covered food-truck. Jason quickly made a U-Turn, our stomachs always lead the way and in Italy - where there is a gathering of people and the smell of grilled meats - you pull over and check it out - every. single. time.

We immediately got in line - for what, no clue. Just follow suite. Jason went to check out the scene and came back licking his chops - ohhhhh!! this is gonna be good!
We ordered what ever one else did: panino con braciola

Simply grilled pork on plain long bread. That's it, no sauce, no sides but the fat and juices of the pork soak into the bread! We ordered two and quickly went back for a third.
We jumped back in the car continually amazed by the wonderful surprises of living in the Italian countryside - to happen upon this place!

Jump ahead a few months to a random day off without guests and our craving for another pork sandwich flares up...except we couldn't remember where it was! We drove for three hours criss-crossing the back roads - to no avail...we were hungry and frustrated...longing for a just a taste of braciola.

Fast forward another few months, when out of dumb luck, cleaning out the photos in the hard-drive we came across a photo of an intersection/road sign:

I knew instantly what this was and in mouthwatering amazement, already beginning to drool, I said to Jason "This is it. THE pork sandwich spot." We scurried to pull up google maps and hot damn! Moments later we were looking at the exact  directions from our farmhouse to the best road-side food truck spot. Needless to say the next day we were in the car and with growling bellies and a year of anticipation we arrived hungry & happy!

Again the place was packed from children to anziani (elderly) all ordering the same thing: panini di braciola! And the cost...4 Euro! (Notice the faint stains the delicious meal left on the lips of this adorable well-fed Italian below)

It's worth the drive, at the very least you will explore the back roads and have a simple yet spectacular lunch - for just a few bucks! Don't forget to order an extra for the drive home! (And if you're one of our guests, make sure to bring back a few extra for the House!!)

The Details: Ristoro da Alberto
Price: Cheap
How to get there: Just South of Matelica (Le Marche) on S361 near Brondoleto, continue in the direction for Camerino. The roadside food truck is just before the crossroads for S361/P361/P245
That's about as technical as I can get...
What to Order: The BEST pork sandwich ever!

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