Saturday, January 25

{Podcast from Italy} #66 - Italian Delicacies Foreigners Find Hard to Stomach and Your Questions Answered!

Coppa di testa made our list of Italian delicacies that foreigners think are strange! photo courtesy of

This week's podcast is jam packed!! We chat about our upcoming online LIVE cooking classes and give an update on our salami & sausage making (plus I'm posting a video on vimeo & youtube "The Meat Machine") Then the conversation starts to really wander from an Oscar Nominated Italian film to  celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Americans Bombing Urbania (accidentally) during WWII! We strongly urge listeners not to buy plane tickets on Alitalia and just when you think he's gone for good...Berlusconi's back!  We answer your burning questions (keep them coming by the way) and read through The Local's list of Top 10 Italian delicacies foreigners can't stomach - adding a few of our own to the list as well! International shout-outs and the song of the week....
Thanks for listening!!
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