Monday, December 2

The "Little Surprises" of Living in Italy...White Truffle & Wild Pheasant for Dinner

We always say, it's the little surprises throughout the day that remind us that we live in Italy. You can never have a set schedule or even menu because you just never know what may happen or unexpected adventure will unfold on any given day. People pop-in, plans change quickly...Today is no different. We were just running into town to pick up milk and the newspaper for Dr. Gaggi. The plan was to have a nice simple dinner of cabbage soup (since Jason seems to have a knack for growing massive cabbage & the garden is still full of them). As we arrived at Gaggi's country house, we passed a pheasant on his drive-away and Jason slammed on the brakes. "Dinner," he said a bit too matter of factly for a guy without a gun.

Jason alerted the Doctor and minutes later Gaggi came charging out the front door with Tom his hunting dog by his side. This was a man on a mission. A single shot was fired and Jason returned with wild pheasant for dinner. But before we could leave Gaggi wanted to thank us for picking up the newspaper. Wrapped haphazardly in white paper towel, he handed me the most fragrant white truffle I have seen/smelled all season! "Buona cena" Gaggi smiled as he closed the car door and we headed home.

"Well, I guess we'll save the soup for another night and I'll edit/post the podcast later because now I've got a pheasant to clean and cook!" Jason said with the car full of the musty earthy smells of the truffle.

"Ohhhh and tagliatelle con tartufi, looks like you're also making fresh pasta when we get home, grazie mille!!" I was thrilled, dinner's gonna be good tonight!

(Here's the classic recipe for Tagliatelle with White Truffles)

....reason No. 375 why I love living in Italy, deep in the Marche countryside!
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