Wednesday, December 4

{Podcast from Italy} What to Look for When Buying a Rural House in Italy and How to Pack for the Move!

This week's podcast we share an all to familiar story of country living - problems with water! A recap of our lunch at Beltrami's for the unearthing of his famous formaggio di fossa (more photos on Facebook) and it snow's in time for Thanksgiving!  Our immigration saga continues as we renew our paperwork for next year just as boxes of fluffy panetone show up in stores across Italy.  We answer your questions about moving to Italy - how to pack and our three very important tips for finding an agriturismo or rural farmhouse.

This week's song of the week: Buona Sera Signorina by Fred Buscaglione

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Vittorio Beltrami, the Italian Einstein of Cheese
Aged 2 years, formaggio di fossa from Beltrami  with Special reserve craft beer from Amacord for dessert

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