Sunday, October 20

Nothing goes better with truffles & bikers!

This year marks the 35th anniversary of what seems like an unlikely pair: truffles and motorcycles.   Every October in the village of Sant' Angelo in Vado (Le Marche) Italy they marry perfectly!  The cobblestone streets fill with hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of motorcycles from around the world, all converging on this tiny town to celebrate two things: bikes and white truffles!

Sure the truffle festival lasts all month in Sant'Angelo, but the night to go is the night of the 'Motoraduno' when Italians dress in their leathers, firing up their engines and indulge in the finer things in life - wine served to you in a ceramic mug on a string and fragrant rare white truffles.  The bikes range from old classics to Moto Guzzi's & Ducati's...and of course outrageous showstoppers.

Last night I pulled on my black jeans and boots (trying my best to blend) and we headed into town. The weather couldn't have been better - a warm October evening meant the streets were packed with revelers.

Put away the stereotypes of the big bellies and aggressive behavior - young & old, everyone is here to have fun, and most end up singing in the streets arm in arm!

the next generation of Italian bikers

The old cantina's in town open their doors to serve cheap wine, homemade goods and pump house music.  We ducked down an alley and made our way to the roasted chestnuts and spiced wine (an annual tradition of ours!) and enjoyed the sounds of the river and revving engines as the sun set and the full moon was rising!

...until next year!

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