Sunday, October 6

La Città di Birra: Beer + Gastronomy + Truffles in Apecchio

Alogastronomia is a word recently invented in Apecchio - it is the combination of beer (alo) and gastronomy (gastronomia).  In a tiny village of just over 2,000 they have put themselves on the map as La Città di Birra, "The city of Beer" and rightfully so! Italy is a country know for it's production of wine, leaving the beer brewing to our Belgium and German neighbors to the North. 
Well it just so happens that there were a few creative minds, mineral rich water and fields of barely ready to be harvested. It is the perfect blend for creating outstanding, award-winning craft beer.

Last weekend Apecchio celebrated the Festival Nazionale Alogastronomia and hosted a FoodCamp in Social Media. Foodbloggers from around Italy were invited to speak and shockingly, so was I! The panel discussed their experiences in food blogging and why social media in integral in promoting the Region of Le Marche. When it was my turn to speak, all my notes were forgotten and I totally blanked, instead of the witty charming antidotes I had planned to share and ideas for working together in the future, I rambled on about nothing in particular.  I feel like I have so much more to say!! (Shocking, I know.)

The Mayor of Apecchio

The American of Apecchio

After the panel discussions, "the beer flowed like wine" and the barbeque was smoking with grilled fish, Fanese-style! The Pennabilli Social Club played on as the moon rose above the city.
Even the owner of Collesi, Giuseppe is pouring beer for the guests!

Thank you to Massimo Cardellini (Presidente Associazione Apecchio Città della Birra e CEO Founder) and Gian Luca Ranno CEO e Co-Founder di GNAMMO for all your hard work!
Here's the who's who:

Orazio Ioni – Mayor di Apecchio
Massimo Cardellini – Presidente Associazione Apecchio Città della Birra, CEO & Co-Founder
Livia Baldelli – Nuovo arredo. Nuova fonte di Turismo.
Laura Di Pietrantonio – Food & Beer
Gian Luca Ranno – CEO & Co-Founder di GNAMMO
Ilaria Barbotti - Presidente Instagramers Italia, creatrice di “aroundconero”
Sandro Giorgetti
– Responsabile Social Media Team Marche “Il caso Marche Tourism
Renato Claudio Minardi – Ass. Turismo, Eno-Alogastronomia Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino 
Luca Marcelli – Consulente Turistico Locale

And the foodbloggers:
Gian Luca
Beatrice di Tomizio e Chiara
Giovanna Scibona - 
Tamara Giorgetti -
Laura Di
Sabrina Tocchio -

Join us tonight for the 31st Annual White Truffle Festival in Apecchio!
(Thanks to Jason & Jamie for taking some great pics!!)
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