Tuesday, July 2

Expat Lives: From the US to Italy & Living the American Dream

photo: www.alessandromoggi.com
 "Expat Lives: the US to Italy" The article about how Jason & I started La Tavola Marche (Farm, Inn & Cooking School) has been published in Financial Times!! 

"When American newlywed Ashley Bartner visited Italy on honeymoon in the spring of 2006, her life was about to change more than she ever expected....Something really resonated for us in Italy, and we felt immediately at home. We had been thinking of going back to the West Coast [of the US] but we were taken aback by the quality, freshness and simplicity of the food in Italy,” says Ashley Bartner, who grew up in Seattle. “We knew that our future was there.”
Read the entire article here: Expat Lives: the US to Italy

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