Saturday, June 15

Strawberries + Homemade Limoncello = Summer Bliss

 Fresh picked strawberries from the garden with homemade limoncello - a simple dessert that is sheer summer bliss!  This delicious dessert, perfect for a hot night, may have only two ingredients but if you want to make it from scratch you are going to need about 2 weeks.  You can always cheat and buy a fancy bottle of limoncello or limoncino but if you have a little patience you will be great rewarded! 

Here's the no-fail, hands-down best, straight from the Amalfi Coast - Limoncello Recipe! 
And keep scrolling to find the recipe from strawberries & limoncello below!

Homemade Limoncello
Rinds of 6-7 lemons (no whites) - use a potato pealer
1/2 liter of pure alcohol (or flavorless vodka)
1 liter of water
500 gr. sugar

Let the lemon rinds soak in alcohol for 10-12 days
Filter the lemon rinds.
Make a simple syrup with the sugar & water (warming the water on the stove & incorporating all the sugar). Wait for the sugar water to cool.
Combine the simple syrup with the alcohol & mix.
Bottle & place in the freezer.
Serve cold!

For Strawberries macerated in limoncello - it couldn't get any easier than 1, 2, 3:

1. Clean and cut your strawberries
2. Drizzle atop limoncello, mix & let sit for about an hour
3. Serve with fresh whipped cream or mascarpone & mint and a glass of frozen homemade limoncello!

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