Tuesday, April 9

Pizza 101: Pizza Dough Recipe & Podcast on Making Pizza in a Wood Burning Oven

The pizza dough recipe from our weekly pizza nights & cooking classes! 
It's super easy and comes out perfect every time. The addition of milk, beer and olive oil in the recipe makes a soft dough with a crispy crust.  This recipe was shared with us by friends from Pesaro (Le Marche). 
On this week's podcast we answer your burning questions about pizza making - the dough, the sauce, the wood burning oven - all of it!! Listen to our podcast on iTunes: #48 - Pizza 101

Pizza Dough Recipe

Makes 4 personal pizzas 

25g of fresh active yeast or 1/4 oz. packet/envelope of dry yeast
1 glass of milk 
1 glass of water
1 finger of extra virgin olive oil 
1 finger of beer 
1 glass of high gluten flour
enough all-purpose flour to make a smooth dough

Note: The ‘glass’ size is a typical juice glass (about 6 oz). Exact amounts are not important as long as the same glass is used throughout the recipe. A 'finger' of olive oil means measuring the width of your finger across the glass.

Heat liquid ingredients to tepid.
Add yeast & dissolve completely. Wait 2-3 minutes for yeast to activate.

Add high gluten flour & mix in. Begin adding all-purpose flour cup by cup & incorporating until a dough suitable for turning on a board is achieved.
Turn dough out on board, knead for 10 minutes or until dough is smooth & elastic, adding flour as needed.
Return dough to original bowl, cover with a kitchen towel. Allow to double to triple in size in a warm draft-free place (normally about 3 hours.) 
Punch dough down & allow to rise again (usually about 1.5-2 hours).
Cut & shape into baseball size balls of dough for individual pizzas.(225g-250g/8oz weight dough balls). Allow dough balls to proof about 1 hour before rolling out.

Thanks Kyle Johnson & Patrick Richardson Wright for the pizza pics!


  1. Fantastic and I look forward to bringing some tour groups to your area of Italia soon!

  2. I love your pizza. They look so yummy! I'll try to make it for my family some time. Thanks for the recipe!

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