Thursday, April 25

Italian Butchery Course: The Whole Hog (Cinta Senese)

Join Chef Jason and Master Butcher Carlo for an afternoon butchering a whole hog! The day starts with a tour of the farm and their 60+ antique breed of pig (cinta senese) that live a great happy life grazing in fields of fava and then move under the old oak and chestnut trees as they get older. 

After a caffè we head into the 'laboratory' where Carlo will demonstrate on half a pig how to butcher the beast while explaining how to use the meat he's carving in local dishes.  He is a master at the art of butchery and charcuterie. 

Now it's your turn to take the knife and begin butchering the other half! Carlo and Jason will guide you through each step. 

Depending on the day and your interests we can also dive into charcuterie and curing techniques making a rolled pancetta (see video below) or sausages, salami, etc. 

After we've finished our work we'll head into the kitchen for a lovely lunch prepared by Carlo's wife Gigia. On the menu...of course a few choice cuts!

Join us for our Italian Butchery Course with Master Butcher Carlo & Jason. Email for more details or to schedule a private lesson & lunch!

There are still a few spaces left in our Annual Forage Slaughter & Butchery Course:
 22-27 October 2013 from 885 Euro/person.  (Includes welcome dinner, 2 full day cooking classes, wine tour (with lunch), mushroom hunt, butchering class, breakfast daily, 3 lunches, 4 dinners, evening snack, wine with meals & accommodations.)

...just in case you missed it - here is Jason & Carlo butchering a pig and making rolled pancetta  - 
From Pig to Pancetta a Film by La Tavola Marche: 
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