Tuesday, September 18

A Tomato Tasting

For a few weeks in late August/early September we serve a very special antipasto of heirloom tomatoes from our garden with a hunk of mozzarella di bufala and buttery extra virgin olive oil. It's off the charts amazing because when do you ever get to sit down to a plate of such amazing color & flavor!

With five to six heirloom varieties on your plate at once you can really taste the differences noting the diversity in acidity and sweetness as well as thickness of skin and seeds. It's a great way to either end or begin the antipasti, just make sure you have a chunk of bread in your hand to sop up all the juices -

Identifying the heirloom tomatoes above:
1. Green Zebra
2. Piccadilly
3. Roman Candle
4. Ukrainian Pear
5. Egg Yolk

We're still picking pomodori daily, another round of tomato jarring starts tomorrow!
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