Thursday, April 19

Podcast from Italy: A Road Trip to Modena for the Best Balsamic in the World

Easter has come & gone - we reminisce on the day & opera singing Zio Albi (in-case you missed the clip - watch it here: Easter Concerto).  During the podcast, learn from our mistakes: both in the garden & finding a lunch spot in a foreign city! Then be transported to the attic of an ancient acetaia (vinegar making family & home) in Modena where Jason & I sample 8 traditional balsamic vinegars and interview the passionate Giovanna from Acetaia di Giorgio whom we first met six years ago. She lovingly tells us about her families balsamic making traditions & why the product her family makes is far superior to any mass produced version. It's a wonderful interview with a true artisan of Italy! 

(I'll be doing an entire post with great pics this week all about the balsamic!)

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Acetaia di Giorgio 
Via Sandro Cabassi, 67 41123 Modena
Telefono / fax 059.333015 
Mobile 338.6575552 

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