Saturday, April 28

The Onions are In (Thanks to My 88 Yr. Old Boy Friend!)

Ahhh it feels good to be in the garden a hot sunny spring day. After such a wet few weeks it has been nice to soak up the warmth of the sun in the middle of the orto!   We're trying to take advantage of the great weather (hence a lack in blog posts this week...), checking off our to-do list: more seeds started, most of the flowers are in, fixing up the strawberry beds, the chicken coop is clean & planting the onions! 

Each year we plant over 500 onions - it's hands-down one of our favorite crops we harvest, with their massive size & sweet flavor, you just can't compare them to the store bought version. We plant golden yellow Dorata de Parma & red Tropea onion shoots in the spring thanks to our friend Beppe that starts our seeds for the onions & tomatoes for us in his green house! (He's my 88 year old boyfriend!) He is so sweet & adorable,  I think in his hay-day he was a real stud. I can imagine he was a ladies man back then, because my god in his late 80's he still got chutzpah! He always asks me to go dancing with him & gives lots of smooches when no one is looking, I eat it up.

 But in all seriousness we are very thankful for his painstaking work of starting literally thousands of seeds for us each year! We went to visit his garden on Monday & Beppe said - get the rows ready, it's time for the onions. Sure enough not even a week later, Gaggi picked them up & we transplated to our orto.  Beppe is just one of the many friends that help us out tremendously & a regular at our Thanksgiving lunch in the fall. Without these local characters our garden & life wouldn't have the same flavor that's for sure!

Pick up the May issue of Italia! Magazine for my colorful story on planting onions with Dott. Gaggi!

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