Wednesday, April 4

Coming Home to Roost

Welcome home to our new family of fowl! Eighteen hens & two young roosters arrived today. The hens will start laying eggs in about a month. Once their production begins we should have over a dozen eggs a day! I have no idea what breed they are, just like every other year, we order them from the hardware store in town (same place I buy the pure grain alcohol for my homemade liquors, seriously they have a bit of everything!) There doesn't seem to be a choice, we place our order, they call the local breeder & in two weeks there are boxes of chickens with our name on it!

The 2 little guys on the bottom right are the roosters.
The chickens will be cooped up for about two weeks in hen house or 'secure bunker' (plenty of room & safe from predators). This is so they acclimate to their new home & know where to return once we let them free-range about the property.  Then, let the chicken wrangling begin....

For anyone curious on Italian chicken breeds - check out this great site (in English):  King of the Roost 
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