Saturday, January 21

Home Cured Meat: 100+lbs of Sausages Hanging from the Rafters

It's our fourth year making homemade sausages, salami, lonzo & prosciutto, slowly curing the meats over the winter from the rafters of our farmhouse in Italy. Read stories from past years: Meat Curing 101: Homemade Sausages & Salami  and Charcuterie in Italy: 150lbs of Sausages & Salami

Well, you'd think we were from Texas because our slogan seems to be: go big or go home! And we tend to go BIG especially when it comes to meat. Walk into one of the bedrooms on the 2nd floor and you'd think you entered a meat locker. The smell draws you in and you eyes can't imagine it to be true - row upon row of sausage links dangling from the rafters - a mighty meaty view if you were lying in bed!

This year we have more meat to cure than ever as the requests have been pouring in from friends & neighbors requesting 10 kilos at a time on-top of our normal allotment for guests, dinners & gifts. So this year we are doing it in batches making over 200 lbs in total!

Round 1: 50 kilos of sausages: ground, stuffed & hanging to cure.
Reward: Dinner is on - fresh made sausages, grilled on iron in the kitchen fireplace!!
There's no place like home...

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