Monday, November 21

The Best Way to Remove Pomegranate Seeds

This super hip - super fruit can be found in loads of recipes for the fall & winter, packing your plate with antioxidants. But how do you get to those tasty tangy ruby colored seeds?! It was seemed like too much of a to-do for the price tag. That is until now!

How to: The Super Simple Way to Remove Pomegranate Seeds by Jason:

I’ve seen everything from soaking them in water to picking each seed individually by hand - nonsense! 
There is an incredibly easy way to clean them and all you need are 2 kitchen items: a bowl & a wooden spoon. (Please don’t cut it & soak in water - it washes out the taste of this beautiful bright fruit)

1. Cut the pomegranate in half or if its very large into quarters.
2. Place the pom in your hand - skin side up, seeds down with your fingers spread so the seeds can fall through.
3. Now beat the skin with the pomegranate with the wooden spoon.  Seeds & juice will fall into the bowl - a bit of the white pith might drop out as well - just pick it out & discard.
Now that you know its that simple - test it out with this fabulous fall recipe with pomegranates:


  1. Great post.Thanks for sharing such a useful information with us.

  2. The BEST way to do it:

  3. Just use old fashioned juicer less mess.

  4. Dear Mr. and Mrs.Bartner, could you please tell me asap who the photographer of this pomegranate photo is? Thank you :)

  5. Hello Anonymous - I am so sorry I can't remember where this photo came from - this is a post from many years ago originally... If it is your photo, please let me know so we can give credit.

  6. Thank you very much, it's alright. No it's not my photo I just wanted to use it for my art coursework because we have to source our studies of other people's paintings/photography etc. hahaha


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