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Fall Food Festivals in Italy, Expat Recommended

Autumn is one of the best times to visit Italy, after the hoards of tourists have gone home, the locals throw fabulous food festivals to celebrate the fall harvest, truffles, chocolate and much more! As an expat living in Italy we love filling our weekends with foodie festival getaways getting to know the local customs, flavors & countryside! In these villages all across Italy, ancient 'taverne'  open their doors to the hungry masses for the few days of the festival, chestnuts are roasted, new wine is offered, musicians wander the streets creating a festive atmosphere and neighbors stopping to chat with one-another...this is why we live Italy.

  So I thought I would ask other expats living in Italy on Italian Reflections what their favorite local food festival is & here are a few recommended to you:


Alba Truffle Fair - At this time of year the “Fiera del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba” (The annual White Truffle Festival) takes place each weekend during October in Alba. A great chance to taste rich fare in this charming town in Southern Piedmont. Recommended by Adrian Petersen
Primi d'Italia in Foligno, during the last weekend of September. "The nice thing about it is you go from place to place to taste all kinds of primi piatti." Recommended by Willemijn Lindeboom
 Il pesce fa festa in Cesenatico 4-5 November. Recommended by Nicole Jantzen

Mushroom & Chestnut Festival in Vivo d'Orcia (near Siena).  "The best zuppa di porcini!" Recommended by Martha Missy Taccarino 

White Truffle Festival & Motorcycle Rally - in Sant'Angelo in Vado, Le Marche - truffle festival running every weekend in October & the motorcycle rally is the 15th & 16th of October. "Only in Italy can you find the pungent aroma of wild mushrooms waft through the night air colliding with the sounds of revving engines echoing off medieval stone - making the perfect fall evening." Recommended by Ashley Bartner
Festa Internazionale dal Tartufo in Fabro (TR) 11-13 November. "Very well organised and generally delightful." Recommended by Priscilla Worsley
Festival of the Woods - Montone, Umbria. End of October/beginning November. "Gorgeous little hilltop town (aren't they all?!) full of stalls selling truffles, onions, porcini, cheeses from almost every regione, wines.... it's like a town given over to a huge harvest festival!" Recommended by Giselle Stafford 

 Hot Chocolate Festival in Tuscania, VT, Lazio.  "This year is the 6th year, the money raised goes to charity. All the locals go out on their passeggiata and have a cup of hot chocolate. The first year, it was a good opportunity for my son to mix with the locals." Recommended by Cathy Powell
Festa del Lacrima di Morro d'Alba e tartufo di Aqualagna in Morro D'Alba, Le Marche on the second Saturday & Sunday of October.  Celebrating precious wine & truffles from the region. Recommended by Enrico Camponi
Sagra dell'Uva, Zagarolo, Provincia di Roma. Starts today "Lots of food, wine, grapes and rides for the kids."  Recommended by Deanna Fenton
Festa del Marrone - Faieto Cortogno Casina. "Because it's where I live. It's a real big Fall attraction here, brings a lot of people to the borgo, and it's a nice festival. I feel part of it because we also pick and sell marroni and walnuts." Recommended by Sally Ganci
Eurochocolate, International Chocolate Exhibition in Perugia, Umbria 14 - 23 October.  "The choco-holic's Oktoberfest" Recommended by Me

Chocolate sculptures at Eurochocolate in Perugia
Do you live in Italy & have a favorite local festival - share it with us!
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