Saturday, September 24

Somebody's been eating our squash...

Farm grown pumpkins
Early one morning we took a stroll through the garden checking in on all the healthy plants. The tomatoes look great, the peppers are nicely turning to a deep yellow orange, the cranberry beans are ready to be picked - everything looks good! As we made our way to the back corner to check out the pumpkins we discovered all our ugly pumpkins or turban squash had been savagely eaten. Oh how the meals flashed before my eyes - pumpkin soup, pumpkin ravioli, slow roasted - ohh that fat animal ate them before I could get a single taste! There was not one salvageable squash in the whole lot.

The destruction
Where there had been almost a dozen large beautiful green pumpkins, perfect for cooking & ready to be picked - now laid the wreckage of 3 sad, half eaten barely recognizable chunks of... what is now compost. We hurriedly shuttled the rest of the yellow pumpkins up the safety of the house. By the way, regular ol' orange pumpkins are called gigantic American squash here.  This happy animal didn't fancy the taste those big American pumpkins only taking a nibble out here & there, of course preferring the sweet fleshy ugly squash.
Last years ugly squash or turban squash
 This is the very first time an animal has gotten into our garden & eaten anything  - so I must say we are lucky. It's just too bad they had to go for the throat with the beloved ugly squash!

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