Tuesday, September 20

Truffles on a Budget: Festivals Full of Free Truffles in Italy

At $8,000 a Kilo for white truffles, it's cheaper to fly to Italy than have a truffle dinner in America.

Currently the price of white truffles in Le Marche, Italy starts at 6,000 Euro or about $8, 225 a kilo and expected to do nothing but climb, whereas the price of 1 roundtrip airfare ticket from NYC to Rome is under $800 on skyscanner.

Due to a dry August & early September, the ever sought wild mushrooms & truffles are scarce in what is known as the “Truffle Valley” of Central Italy. The area is chock full of festivals throughout October & November celebrating these rare funghi that have been found in these woods for centuries from the Apecchio to Acqualagna, Sant'Angelo in Vado to Sassoferrato.  A typical truffle dinner would include 40 grams - 60 grams of shaved truffle per person - so you can see how quickly it can add up when they are about $825 (600 Euro) for 100 grams, a dinner for 4 could be over $1,645! So instead of spending a few hundred dollars or more on a fancy dinner - book a flight to Italy and taste truffles for free at a festival! Each festival has eager vendors offering delectable samples of truffle products: spreads, oils, cheeses, rice, pastes, cured meats - you name it, they’ve got it  While you are taste testing, splurge on the 80 cents for an overflowing plastic cup of red wine and don’t forget to mossie on over & visit the non truffle products for plenty of samples of prosciutto, cheeses and sweets!

Bring 20 Euro and eat like a king!

 Upcoming 2011 Fall Truffle Festivals in Le Marche:
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