Thursday, August 18

An Idyllic Evening in Italy: Wood-fired Pizza on an Organic Farm

From locals to guests from our the world, our Pizza Night is a hit & they just can't get enough of that wood-fired pizza... turning even the sweetest angel into a complete animal!

Recently mentioned on LonelyPlanet: Pizza Night in the Italian Countryside 


"Today is Thursday. I wish I were at La Tavola Marche, a wonderful agriturismo and cooking school in Le Marche, one of Italy’s least known regions....While Jason cooks the pizzas in a wood-fired oven outdoors, we sit at a large table with other guests, friends and neighbours. On a lovely June evening, we counted five nationalities around the table: Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway and the USA were all represented, a miniature UN we were.
Pizza night at La Tavola Marche

But enough about us. This is about pizza. And wine. And dessert. Then it’s about more wine and yummy liqueurs, just to digest it all, you understand...For dolce...I’ll share the recipe with you. Straight from the horse’s mouth – or rather, from Jason’s magical kitchen, here’s the world’s best tiramisu." -Anne Sophie Redisch (Lonely Planet)

Check out our pizzaiolo in this fabulous pizza making film!

Join us for our weekly Thursday Pizza Party just outside Piobbico, Le Marche Italy
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