Sunday, August 28

Harvest Season: Top 10 Tomato Recipes

At the height of tomato season we are eating pomodori daily in every mode: raw, stuffed, sauteed, in soups & sauces!  From heirloom to beefsteak, fresh ripe tomatoes add bright flavor to any dish and with an organic garden with over 300 plants in 12 varieties there are plenty of meals to make!

 Here are the Top 10 Tomato Recipes served at La Tavola Marche (Organic Farm, Inn & Cooking School) using produce straight from our organic farm in Italy.


1. Cranberry Bean Salad with Cucumbers & Cherry Tomatoes - "This pretty salad + crusty bread + a wedge of pecorino = your best lunch of the week." -

2. Pappa al Pomodoro - The smell alone of the slow roasted cherry tomatoes will have you salivating, and at first bite of this rustic bread soup you'll know you found tomato heaven!

3.  Fresh Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes & Basil - Looking for a last minute meal? This is a sauce you can make while you wait for your water to boil!

 4.  Tomato Bruschetta  - Delicious no matter how you pronounce it! Something even I can't mess up - grilled bread piled high with chopped tomatoes & a healthy drizzle of olive oil.

5. Stuffed Tomatoes with Rice & Shrimp - Add a salad and this could be a meal on its own!

 6. Fresh Pasta with Raw Tomatoes & Lemon Infused Olive Oil - My new summer favorite, it's light & refreshing plus you don't have to turn on the stove! A perfect pasta on a hot day!

7. Lasagna - A classic meaty cheesy mess. But it doesn't always have to be -the key is to use fresh tomatoes & fresh pasta in this recipe - for a lasagna that is light & delicate

8. Garden Casserole -  Potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, Oh My! One of the easiest ways to utilize what is coming out of the garden or in your fridge! Plus - this recipe is ridiculously simple!!

9.  Panzanella - A summer staple in Central Italy, this Tuscan Bread Salad is a classic example of peasant cooking using stale salt-less bread. 

10. Ragu - Everyone has gotta have one - here is our classic ragu (meat & tomato) sauce. Perfect for spaghetti, lasagna, tagliatelle .... the list goes on!

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