Sunday, August 21

A Bountiful Tomato Harvest

It is full-on tomato harvest season at our organic farm in Central Italy, with over 400 tomato plants in 12 varieties each day yields literally kilos of fresh ripe juicy pomodori.   Endless meals will be made & devoured with this harvest of tomatoes, their flavors as diverse as their names; ranging from the classic san marzano, beefsteak & cherry Tomato to rare heirlooms such as the egg yolk, pink accordion, Paul Roleson and the Japenese black Taifele.

Tomato Harvest in Italy
 This year's harvest will be one of our largest & best season's yet, we begun a few weeks ago & have already picked well over 100 kilos and jarred about 65 kilos.  Doctor Gaggi & I planted the majority of the rows in May using starters from our dear friends Beppe & Caroline. Then  Jason spent the time this spring to pain-stakingly trim back the plants leaves giving the fruit plenty of sun. (Last year's dewy mornings lead to a vines riddled with blight or malatia.) And don't forget all the extra care & time tying up the plant as it continues to grows again & again...Plus it's as if this last heave wave gave all the tomatoes a nice strong dose of deliciousness, dangling heavy on the vine ready to be picked!

From 8-80, age matters not in the garden and we are happy for the help! Thankfully guests & friends join in to help pick, jar & eat.

Photos of the 1st tomato harvest of the season about 1 month ago:

Cooking Classes at La Tavola Marche pick fresh tomatoes & cook with them

and so the jarring has begun....

I will post updates as we jar to how many kilos we're up to and our favorite tomato recipes!

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