Friday, August 5

4 dozen eggs for pasta + 8 kilos of pizza dough in 2 days..Welcome to our Italian Kitchen

Dinner in the garden, al fresco in Italy
 We've gone through over 4 dozen eggs for pasta & 8 kilos of pizza dough in just 2 wonder there hasn't been anytime to blog & podcast! Summer is in full swing & that means nightly dinners for 22, cooking classes 4 days a week plus its a packed house for pizza night! The days are long & sunny, our hens are working overtime to produce enough eggs to keep up with Jason's pasta production, the garden is exploding and its almost time to start jarring tomatoes!


Just from 1 picking!

Here are a few photos of the food & cooking classes this week:
Pasta from scratch with fresh picked green beans & cherry tomatoes from the garden
Cooking Classes in Italy, farm to fork & hands-on!

Learn how to make delicious Puntine di Vitello - Veal Breast

Thanks for your patience....we'll be back to bloggin' & podcasting soon!
Sunflowers at the pool

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