Thursday, July 21

R.I.P. Foghorn Leghorn

 It's been a long time coming ... our rooster Foghorn Leghorn has crowed his last cookle-doodle-doo at sunrise and is bound for brodo (soup).

R.I.P. Foghorn Leghorn

The massive white rooster, Foghorn Leghorn couldn't have been any more quintessential (with a striking resemblance to the famous cartoon character), as me marched about the yard owning the place, quick-step dancing around his ladies and herding our gaggle of hens home at dusk. He was surely a sight to see (and hear all day long!)

But after getting a bit aggressive, charging & trying to attack Jason numerous times, he finally went after me. Well that was it - off with his head! Literally.  With a house full of guests we were a bit nervous of where to clean the bird at 8:30 in the morning so we went to the side of the house. But a few of the guests noticed, took interest & called their kids over to see - ages ranging from 8-18. They said "I want the kids to know where their food comes from." It became a whole family affair as I plucked his feathers, Jason butchered the bird (with the watchful eye of Doc. Gaggi)  explaining to the guests what each part was & how he would later use it for cooking. In the early morning hours, these brave guests had a front-row seat to authentic country living in Italy. 

Plucked & ready for butchering
 This is life on a farm. We knew we first brought home our hens & roosters what they were meant for, food. Our hens provide us with almost a dozen eggs a day for our pasta & desserts, after a year or so they are slaughtered with the roosters and are bound for many more delicious dishes. It is considered a specialty to serve your own eggs & chicken and we are proud of their delicious flavor & rich color.  Our chickens are happy: well fed, free range & live a good life - not to mention incredibly tasty!

The original
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