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Mineral Water Spring for Cooking, Drinking & Swimming at Italian Farm, Inn & Cooking School

Forever young - Bathing in the mineral waters at La Tavola Marche

 Therapeutic Mineral Water
Save on your spa holiday with a trip to Le Marche! Who would have thought that 8km outside of town, down a dirt road, at a 300 year old stone farmhouse deep in the countryside, the water would be crystal clear with spa-like therapeutic healing properties - its not surprising when its in Central Italy.  Rich sulfurous mineral water is found on the property at La Tavola Marche a small organic farm, inn & cooking school in Le Marche - this is the kind of water found at fancy resorts & spas, not normally expected at a little country farmhouse!

The mineral rich water is used for drinking, cooking, farming, bathing, cleaning and in the swimming pool. Sulfurous does not mean odorous. The water is highly regarded for its healing potential. The mineral water sources found in Le Marche have remarkable beneficial and remedial properties both in thermal treatments (bathing and at the pool) and when bottled for drinking. Thermal spas or terme are found throughout Le Marche from Monte Grimano, Piobbico & Apecchio to Sarnano in the south. So instead of paying top dollar in Tuscany venture a few kilometers east to Le Marche and stay at one of the many rustic farmhouses, villas or resorts with thermal baths & springs and save a few euro for a massage!

Sulfur Water Healing Properties:
  • known to increase local and general defenses and is scientifically proven to boost antibodies
  • potent anti-inflammatory effects
  • stimulates cellular renewal and growth of skin
  • important sedative, muscle relaxant, and analgesic action deriving from the sulphates, calcium, bicarbonate, and magnesium
  • suitable treatment for chronic respiratory system, osteo-articular, and skin (acne, eczema, psoriasis) complaints.
The therapeutic properties of ancient thermal medicine were proven in ancient times, and they are defined "the continent of Europe's traditional medicine" by the the World Health Organization. 

Sulfur water spring on trail behind La Tavola Marche

 For the past four years we have used the sulfur mineral water for everything & we are really starting to notices the effects, not only a lush & healthy garden but our skin is glowing! My sister suffers from eczema and noticed a dramatic difference in her skin after showering in the water.

The next time you are staying here, notice the faint smell of the sulfur as you wander into the back woods & take a dip in the river - straight from the source, naturally healing sulfur water....or you can just turn on your faucet!

Mineral water swimming pool at La Tavola Marche

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