Sunday, July 24

Garden Salad: Cranberry Beans, Cherry Tomatoes & Cucumbers

Cranberry Bean Salad

Picnic perfect! A garden salad with fresh borlotti or cranberry beans, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers goes great with everything from fish to grilled meats or eaten by itself with toasty bread & a wedge of pecorino (sheep's milk cheese).
(All the produce for this salad is grown in our organic farm with homemade red wine vinegar.)

Cranberry Bean Salad
Insalata di Fagioli Borlotti  

Thursday, July 21

R.I.P. Foghorn Leghorn

 It's been a long time coming ... our rooster Foghorn Leghorn has crowed his last cookle-doodle-doo at sunrise and is bound for brodo (soup).

R.I.P. Foghorn Leghorn

The massive white rooster, Foghorn Leghorn couldn't have been any more quintessential (with a striking resemblance to the famous cartoon character), as me marched about the yard owning the place, quick-step dancing around his ladies and herding our gaggle of hens home at dusk. He was surely a sight to see (and hear all day long!)

But after getting a bit aggressive, charging & trying to attack Jason numerous times, he finally went after me. Well that was it - off with his head! Literally.  With a house full of guests we were a bit nervous of where to clean the bird at 8:30 in the morning so we went to the side of the house. But a few of the guests noticed, took interest & called their kids over to see - ages ranging from 8-18. They said "I want the kids to know where their food comes from." It became a whole family affair as I plucked his feathers, Jason butchered the bird (with the watchful eye of Doc. Gaggi)  explaining to the guests what each part was & how he would later use it for cooking. In the early morning hours, these brave guests had a front-row seat to authentic country living in Italy. 

Monday, July 18

Italian Cooking Class Summer Menu

Preparing the dough for pizza at La Tavola Marche

 Learn to cook local seasonal Italian recipes at a 300 year old stone farmhouse & eco-friendly organic farm, taking three or four ingredients at the height of the season & do as little to it as possible. 

"I am a huge fan of The Full Menu cooking class from La Tavola Marche! The ingredients are so fresh (all harvested from a live & working farm), and you really get to dabble in a bit of everything. It's also a great class for those staying in Italy for a while and wanting to host a dinner for their travel companions or new friends they've made on their trips. You can learn a full course meal in one class and impress family and friends when you return from your trip as well!" - Fodors Forum

Our Full Day Class starts at 10am in the kitchen of our 300 year-old stone farmhouse, tie on your handmade apron (our gift to you) and head into the garden to collect the ingredients for your cooking class with a stop at the chicken coop to pick up fresh eggs! These are hands-on, roll up your sleeves, dive-right on in classes. We cater to our guests at every cooking level from the novice to the professional. Take a break after lunch made by your efforts and return to the kitchen around 3pm to start up again, finishing with dinner around 8pm.

Learn pasta from scratch, pizza in the outdoor wood burning oven or even a complete menu in a day!

 A typical menu for a summer Full Day Cooking Class at La Tavola Marche:

Fried Zucchini Blossoms
Borlotti Bean, Cucumber & Cherry Tomato Salad
Slow Roasted Tomatoes with Anchovies
Baked Vegetables with Bread Crumbs

Pappa al Pomodoro (Tomato, Bread, Basil Soup)
Fresh Handmade Pasta with Zucchini & Zucchini Blossoms

Spiedini - Grilled Rosemary Skewers of Sausage, Pancetta & Steak
with Grilled Polenta

Salad from the Garden

Panna Cotta with Chocolate Ganache'

Half Day Cooking Classes—normally starts mid-morning finishing with lunch creating 4+ dishes, includes meal and house wine as well as an apron gift for € 110/person

A Full Day Cooking Class starts mid-morning and continues all day normally ending around 8pm; includes lunch & dinner, snacks and house wine as well as an apron and The Little Recipe Book from the Kitchen of La Tavola Marche as a gift for € 200/person

La Tavola Marche Agriturismo & Cooking School

Read TripAdvisor Reviews: Italian Cooking Class Reviews
See more photos on Facebook of our cooking classes: Summer Cooking Classes in Italy

Have you stayed & cooked with us? Please leave a comment on what you made in your class!

Wednesday, July 13

Reviewed by GreenTraveller: Green Places to Stay in Italy

Read the Full Article Here: GreenTraveller visits La Tavola Marche
Here are a few excerpts from the article:

La Tavola Marche photo: Mike Johnson
 "In the ‘farm to fork’ cooking class, the emphasis is taking the best seasonal ingredients and preparing them with traditional, local recipes."

"After the class, we all sit down to eat our efforts at a big outdoor table, lit by lanterns as it grows dark and thousands of starsoverhead come into view. Later we watch fireflies flash around in the dark before sleeping soundly, not even woken by the rooster next morning."
"This is life at La Tavola Marche, an agriturismo in the beautiful and unspoilt Le Marche region in Italy, between the Apennines and the Adriatic coast. Getting involved in local activities and traditions is exactly what the owners, Ashley and Jason Bartner, have done since they moved here from the US four years ago, immersing themselves in the local culture and language."

GreenTraveller features hundreds of amazing trips that can be conveniently reached by train, as well as a range of green and gorgeous places to stay in the UK and abroad. They also have a blog packed with tips on how to go green from leading eco travel writers. 
Ashley & chickens, photo: Mike Johnson

Sunday, July 10

Fresh from the Strawberry Patch: Growing Tips & Recipes

Strawberries are easy to grow (both indoor or out), needing just a little work & continue producing delicious juicy fruit for months! Each year they return stronger with bigger berries. Strawberries like to stay-put & establish roots, so start a good patch & let them do their thing.  They do need a little bit of attention to keep them coming back year after year:  

Tuesday, July 5

Mineral Water Spring for Cooking, Drinking & Swimming at Italian Farm, Inn & Cooking School

Forever young - Bathing in the mineral waters at La Tavola Marche

 Therapeutic Mineral Water
Save on your spa holiday with a trip to Le Marche! Who would have thought that 8km outside of town, down a dirt road, at a 300 year old stone farmhouse deep in the countryside, the water would be crystal clear with spa-like therapeutic healing properties - its not surprising when its in Central Italy.  Rich sulfurous mineral water is found on the property at La Tavola Marche a small organic farm, inn & cooking school in Le Marche - this is the kind of water found at fancy resorts & spas, not normally expected at a little country farmhouse!

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