Monday, June 27

Homemade Wild Cherry Liqueur - Visciolino

 A thriving local tradition in Le Marche is making homemade liqueur using pure alcohol or grappa infused with fruits & herbs such as visner & visciolino (cherry), nocino (walnut vanilla), brugnolino (wild plum) & many more!

Visciole is a bitter wild cherry found in abundance in the Candigliano Valley of Northern Le Marche and its leaves make the most delicious & delicate after dinner cherry digestivo Visciolino when mixed with red wine, sugar & pure alcohol. The recipe below is simple & passed to me by our dear neighbor Mama Mochi, traditionally made at the end of May/early June.

This year I made over 5 liters of visciolino (wild cherry liqueur) as well as another five types of digestivi (after dinner drinks)!

Wild Cherry Liqueur

1 liter of red wine
100 leaves of visciole (wild cherry tree)
10 leaves of a peach tree

Let soak for 10 days & filter.

Add 600 grams of sugar
1/2 liter of grappa or pure alcohol

Mix well, incorporating the sugar.

Bottle & enjoy! You can let it continue to season or age as well - keep in cool dark storage.
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