Sunday, June 5

Green Travel in Italy: An Eco Friendly Farmhouse with Solar Heat Exchange

We are excited to announce that our agriturismo has just gone green-er by installing solar heat exchange with panels on the roof, not only heating our water but radiators as well.   This will greatly cut down on our CO2 emissions and another step in becoming self-sufficient.

At La Tavola Marche, we utilize the crops grown on the property & in our organic farm, raise free-range chickens, compost, recycle, and use natural mineral water from our sulphur spring for drinking, bathing, gardening & in the swimming pool.  We try to leave as small of an eco-footprint as possible.

During the spring, summer & into fall we will not have to use any gas to heat our water,  the solar panels will do all the work. On a sunny day the solar panels can heat to almost boiling water!
In the winter months it will aid in warming the water as it enters the pipes, saving energy by not starting with ice cold water to heat.

Plus, the new system recycles the exhaust gases, burning up to 98% of the gas, whereas before only 60% was being burned & the rest would wasted, blowing out the exhaust pipe.

Incredibly, the whole project was right on schedule & took only 4 days to install with very little interruption in water. Plus all the time it will save, now Jason doesn't have to fiddle with heating system constantly checking the levels & making sure it is working properly.

Next up: Solar panels for electricity, we've already begun saving...
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