Sunday, May 1

Organic Living: The Benefits of Compost

Dark Rich Compost
  Over three years ago we built our compost bin and we have finally broken it open & reaping its dirty benefits! (Read our original post on Composting) Hundreds of pounds of food & garden scraps/waste have been piled up slowly decomposing into rich soil filled with millions of wiggling worms. Compost is plant matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment and a a key ingredient in organic farming.

I was amazed because we never turned the soil or  followed any of the tips to help your compost bin. Instead we just threw in wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of organic waste, at times we even had watermelons & cherry tomatoes growing out of it!

Just built, empty & ready to be filled in Feb. 2008
Patience has paid off because this years flower & veg garden will get an extra dose of vitamins & minerals from our dark rich compost. I am mixing bagged potting soil or loose dirt from the garden with the compost to hopefully give our young seeds good nutrients & help them grow big & strong.

Why not start your own? Composting is easy & an environmentally beneficial way to turn yard & kitchen waste into a dark, crumbly soil enhancement/fertilizer that will help increase garden production & take care of a ton of kitchen waste.

For more information on how to build your own compost:
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